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Hello guys :D how are ya? Again, I wanna share about my story, this time about basketball competition :3 this Friday November 23rd 2011 was a GREAT Friday of the week. Why so? Because basketball team of SMAN 1 Subang has a chance to compete in IM3 basketball competition 2011, better, they went to final against SMAN 3 Subang. the final held on Friday, but unfortunately only the girls team went to final and the boys did not L
The final role of SMAN 1 Subang versus SMAN 3 Subang was in GOR Gotong Royong Subang (Gotong Royong Subang Gymnasium) at 2 pm. My close friend, Veronica Christiani was on the team. because of this basketball competition was her last competition in high school (because she is 12 grader, the same with me and we will graduate soon) so she asked me and some of her best friends to come and watched her play. I arrived in GOR Gotong Royong Subang at 2.30 pm I was late >_< I came with my mother and my cousin, Adi. We had to purchase the ticket, the ticket was 5000IDR for a person. Fortunately, The final competition of SMAN 1 Subang and SMAN 3 Subang hasn’t begun yet. My close friends, Devi and Widi were already there along with Vero’s boyfriend, Bayu Fadillah Grandis, some other supporter from SMAN 1 Subang were also there. On the other side of Gymnasium, there were SMAN 3 Subang supporter team.
After several minutes waiting, finally the competition began J but before, each team had a warming up first. They did some stretching, shooting, lay up, and other basketball techniques well I don’t really know the techniques, I’m not the member of basketball team J the warming up done and next, they start the rumble J
They played fast ! the score was running close, 2-4, 9-11, 11-14, and so on. Each of team didn’t wanna give up. They keep trying as hard as they could. Passing the ball over, running very fast for taking over the ball from the opposition team, dribble the ball to take the score from others, tried to shoot the ball to the ring, the game was really a great show of their efforts in order to be the first champion, no one to be the runner up. Guys, you gotta watch they play. They impressed me, for sure. Vero played good, she only take one quarter for break and play the quarters left. I remember Vero Texted me before she went to final, she said that this final role was her last play in high school so she wanna play the best in this important game, she wants the best result, so do us ! J we believed they could make it !
The first and the second quarter ended with the score for SMAN 3 Subang but SMAN 1 Subang finally took the game on the third quarter, SMAN 1 Subang played very fast on the third quarter and SMAN 3 Subang looked a lil bit tired on the third quarter but the quarter didn’t so easy for SMAN 1 Subang. the game run fast on the last quarter, SMAN 3 Subang got up and led the game, SMAN 1 Subang was under pressure especially Diana, she looked very depress when she had her free throw.
The fourth quarter made SMAN 1 Subang looked very depress, the game seemed wasn’t for SMAN 1 Subang, they tried very hard to take a score from SMAN 3 Subang, but it seemed didn’t enough to lead over the game. And finally, the last quarter ended with the score for SMAN 3 Subang L the last score for SMAN 1 Subang-SMAN 3 Subang was 19-21 what a very close ! only 2 scores different. Well, I couldn’t say they were fine with this, they absolutely looked disappointed. So do with the supporters.. but I think that’s ok ! they’ve tried their best, they tried very hard, whatever the result, they’ve showed us the best play of them ever ! well it doesn’t mean I don’t care what the result would be but we have to try to appreciate what we got from what we have done J congratulation for basketball team of SMAN 1 Subang, you are the BEST ! J keep up the good work~~ (y)
And congratulation also for SMAN 3 Subang :D you’ve played good ! you impressed me as well, you had a good move, keep it up ! :D you deserve to win the game.
Thank you for the readers :DD
See ya on the next post ;)
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