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hello guys long time no post :D this time I wanna share about my GREAT Saturday night J
well 2 days ago exactly on Saturday, Desember 17th 2011 has become my unforgettable experience \:D/
why so? Because I used to have extremely bored Saturday night but NOT this time ! actually, the moment was made with an unusual coincidence :D
the school has over since 10 am that day, we have had our exam so we got break time (no class) for two weeks, during the break time students who aren’t pass the standard should do some task from the teachers or even have a remedial test so in Saturday, Desember 17th lots of students went home before 12 pm, I stayed longer with my friends, Agin, Idan, Krisna, and Agung. We spent the time until 12.30 pm in canteen, had their lunch, chit chat for a while and were planning to go to Idan’s house to watch World Record With Mito together (Idan was on the show, he made the new record with his yoyo). Each of us had some business to do so we decided to come to Idan’s house at 4. I had to return Mangas (Japanese comics) to Manga Rental, Delta. I went to Delta by public car, it takes about 10 minutes from my school. I was in the same public car with Krisna, he paid for my part too \:D/ yeaay~
arrived at Delta, there were some students wearing scout uniform were start leaving Delta after waved to a man who was sitting near the bookshelves. Harun, the man who were in charge in Delta told me that Delta would be closed soon because he had to attend the competition he was joined to. Well I felt so much sad because I have had plan to spend the time until 4 in Delta, read some mangas and now it should be closed soon? What the..
but exactly when I grumbled that I would have another bored Saturday night as always, Harun asked me to come to the competition, his friends, Dina also asked me to come, and became their team supporter. at first I don’t know Dina, but then we introduce ourselves each other and they insisted me to come, less than a minute, I decided to come along with them :p instead of spending my Saturday night with nothing to do I prefer attend the competition and become their supporter :P hihi
the competition called XL GOYANG GAYUNG SUBANG, the competition was about ‘goyang’ or ‘joget’ well actually ‘goyang’ is Indonesian for ‘shaking’ but this ‘goyang’ refers to ‘joget’. ‘Joget’ itself is Indonesian for ‘dancing’ but I will use ‘joget’ in this post because ‘dancing’ isn’t exactly the same with ‘joget’ well it’s hard to explain but ‘joget’ more refers to Indonesian traditional dance, well yeah you can get that… the competition would be for a team and a team consist of maximally 3 members. And the word “gayung” here is an equipment on bathroom (in this case in Indonesian conventional bathroom), it is usually used for taking the water from the tub, well I will share about Indonesian bathroom later. So the ‘gayung’ was the main property on this ‘joget’ competition J each team had their own performing concept as well with Harun’s team. Harun’s team consist of three members; Harun, Dina and Abi. They took lots of properties for their performance. They were the 6th team. Ah I almost forget, ‘XL’ here doesn’t mean ‘extra large’ NO, definitely NO, XL here is a mobile phone provider in Indonesia. XL is the company who presenting this competition. and ‘subang’ here means a place where I live, a city located in West Java Province named subang J
there were another supporter waiting on the spot, they were also Harun’s and Dina’s friends; Angga and Feby. Angga was the one who would take their photos and Feby would record their performance. Harun’s team named 101 Delta, he explained that 101 refers to the members physically, well he said that the first ‘1’ was representing Harun’s thin body, as well with the second ‘1’ but it represented Abi’s body and the ‘0’ was representing Dina’s-a little-bit-fat-body J and Delta refers to Delta Manga rental. Dina introduced me to the other two friends, they welcomed me, they were veeeryyy kind~~ :* as long as the time was running, we saw many teams had a great-amazing-amusing-performance we were very nervous especially 101 Delta :/ they worried about their performance :/ and when the time was finally coming, they came in to the stage bravely~ their performance was THE BEST PERFORMANCE AMONG OTHERS :D well yeah, in my opinion hahaha :D but I was very sure the judges had the same opinion with me hahaha xD 101 Delta showed very unique concept, they put many abstract ideas become one laughable performance xD imagine, Dina and Harun came to the stage wore bright-color-rain coat exactly when the music began ahahaha Dina wore yellow rain coat and Green rain coat for Harun, they were veeery cute :3 with love pattern in Dina’s check and XL pattern in Harun’s check ahaha xD then they put it off and voila, Dina wore towel as her skirt and green casual shirt plus showercap ! ohmy hahaha xD AND GUESS WHAT ! Harun and Abi dressing like a woman ! O MY GOD ! the audiences were laughing out loud !! hahaha xD PLUS Abi acted like he was a pregnant woman LOLS ! both of them were very cute :3 oh you cant believe it, you must see their make up oh my God, they were truly entertainer xD I cant believe that I was their make up artist hahaha xD AND THE JUDGES ! THEY WERE LAUGHING OUT LOUD xD as you see sir, they deserve to win :D
what makes me say that those event makes my Saturday night unforgettable because I support them by shouting out loud, yelling their team name, and show the banner of 101 Delta to the audiences, guess I was the craziest supporter there :P well perhaps hahaha xD yeah I was put my totality to become their supporter.
The winner announcement was the most makes –my-heart beat-overfast uuuugh yeah you know how it feels..we were worried !! all of us were praying God, God please… the first place..the first place… x)
And HELL YEAH… the first place came for 101 Delta :DD at the first, Abi didn’t dare to see the winner but I insisted him to see well the result made them over excited :D so did I . the competition run fast, it ended up at 4 and the XL company asked to have a lil conversation with 101 Delta related with their trip to Magelang, oh the first winner got Rp. 1000.000 and trip to Magelang for joining the final competition there. I wasn’t waiting for 101 Delta, I went home with my old friend Atu, she picked me home by motorcycle :D the event was EXTREMELY AMUSING EVENT OF THE WEEK and add another unforgettable moment story for my blog post :D so at the last, I didn’t come to Idan’s house because I was overtired, I apologized to him, fortunately he understood J
Thank you for 101 Delta, you give me a place, you welcome me well, and you made me feel how the useful-and-loveable-person likes. Love you guys :*
And OF COURSE thanks for you readers who always read my posts, love you :**

the pictures of XL GOYANG GAYUNG SUBANG 2011

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your posting is so exited,,
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gumawwoo adeee for your supporting,,
*we have something for you ^^

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