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Hello guys :D how are ya? Again, I wanna share about my story, this time about basketball competition :3 this Friday November 23rd 2011 was a GREAT Friday of the week. Why so? Because basketball team of SMAN 1 Subang has a chance to compete in IM3 basketball competition 2011, better, they went to final against SMAN 3 Subang. the final held on Friday, but unfortunately only the girls team went to final and the boys did not L
The final role of SMAN 1 Subang versus SMAN 3 Subang was in GOR Gotong Royong Subang (Gotong Royong Subang Gymnasium) at 2 pm. My close friend, Veronica Christiani was on the team. because of this basketball competition was her last competition in high school (because she is 12 grader, the same with me and we will graduate soon) so she asked me and some of her best friends to come and watched her play. I arrived in GOR Gotong Royong Subang at 2.30 pm I was late >_< I came with my mother and my cousin, Adi. We had to purchase the ticket, the ticket was 5000IDR for a person. Fortunately, The final competition of SMAN 1 Subang and SMAN 3 Subang hasn’t begun yet. My close friends, Devi and Widi were already there along with Vero’s boyfriend, Bayu Fadillah Grandis, some other supporter from SMAN 1 Subang were also there. On the other side of Gymnasium, there were SMAN 3 Subang supporter team.
After several minutes waiting, finally the competition began J but before, each team had a warming up first. They did some stretching, shooting, lay up, and other basketball techniques well I don’t really know the techniques, I’m not the member of basketball team J the warming up done and next, they start the rumble J
They played fast ! the score was running close, 2-4, 9-11, 11-14, and so on. Each of team didn’t wanna give up. They keep trying as hard as they could. Passing the ball over, running very fast for taking over the ball from the opposition team, dribble the ball to take the score from others, tried to shoot the ball to the ring, the game was really a great show of their efforts in order to be the first champion, no one to be the runner up. Guys, you gotta watch they play. They impressed me, for sure. Vero played good, she only take one quarter for break and play the quarters left. I remember Vero Texted me before she went to final, she said that this final role was her last play in high school so she wanna play the best in this important game, she wants the best result, so do us ! J we believed they could make it !
The first and the second quarter ended with the score for SMAN 3 Subang but SMAN 1 Subang finally took the game on the third quarter, SMAN 1 Subang played very fast on the third quarter and SMAN 3 Subang looked a lil bit tired on the third quarter but the quarter didn’t so easy for SMAN 1 Subang. the game run fast on the last quarter, SMAN 3 Subang got up and led the game, SMAN 1 Subang was under pressure especially Diana, she looked very depress when she had her free throw.
The fourth quarter made SMAN 1 Subang looked very depress, the game seemed wasn’t for SMAN 1 Subang, they tried very hard to take a score from SMAN 3 Subang, but it seemed didn’t enough to lead over the game. And finally, the last quarter ended with the score for SMAN 3 Subang L the last score for SMAN 1 Subang-SMAN 3 Subang was 19-21 what a very close ! only 2 scores different. Well, I couldn’t say they were fine with this, they absolutely looked disappointed. So do with the supporters.. but I think that’s ok ! they’ve tried their best, they tried very hard, whatever the result, they’ve showed us the best play of them ever ! well it doesn’t mean I don’t care what the result would be but we have to try to appreciate what we got from what we have done J congratulation for basketball team of SMAN 1 Subang, you are the BEST ! J keep up the good work~~ (y)
And congratulation also for SMAN 3 Subang :D you’ve played good ! you impressed me as well, you had a good move, keep it up ! :D you deserve to win the game.
Thank you for the readers :DD
See ya on the next post ;)
the photos:

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hello guys long time no post :D this time I wanna share about my GREAT Saturday night J
well 2 days ago exactly on Saturday, Desember 17th 2011 has become my unforgettable experience \:D/
why so? Because I used to have extremely bored Saturday night but NOT this time ! actually, the moment was made with an unusual coincidence :D
the school has over since 10 am that day, we have had our exam so we got break time (no class) for two weeks, during the break time students who aren’t pass the standard should do some task from the teachers or even have a remedial test so in Saturday, Desember 17th lots of students went home before 12 pm, I stayed longer with my friends, Agin, Idan, Krisna, and Agung. We spent the time until 12.30 pm in canteen, had their lunch, chit chat for a while and were planning to go to Idan’s house to watch World Record With Mito together (Idan was on the show, he made the new record with his yoyo). Each of us had some business to do so we decided to come to Idan’s house at 4. I had to return Mangas (Japanese comics) to Manga Rental, Delta. I went to Delta by public car, it takes about 10 minutes from my school. I was in the same public car with Krisna, he paid for my part too \:D/ yeaay~
arrived at Delta, there were some students wearing scout uniform were start leaving Delta after waved to a man who was sitting near the bookshelves. Harun, the man who were in charge in Delta told me that Delta would be closed soon because he had to attend the competition he was joined to. Well I felt so much sad because I have had plan to spend the time until 4 in Delta, read some mangas and now it should be closed soon? What the..
but exactly when I grumbled that I would have another bored Saturday night as always, Harun asked me to come to the competition, his friends, Dina also asked me to come, and became their team supporter. at first I don’t know Dina, but then we introduce ourselves each other and they insisted me to come, less than a minute, I decided to come along with them :p instead of spending my Saturday night with nothing to do I prefer attend the competition and become their supporter :P hihi
the competition called XL GOYANG GAYUNG SUBANG, the competition was about ‘goyang’ or ‘joget’ well actually ‘goyang’ is Indonesian for ‘shaking’ but this ‘goyang’ refers to ‘joget’. ‘Joget’ itself is Indonesian for ‘dancing’ but I will use ‘joget’ in this post because ‘dancing’ isn’t exactly the same with ‘joget’ well it’s hard to explain but ‘joget’ more refers to Indonesian traditional dance, well yeah you can get that… the competition would be for a team and a team consist of maximally 3 members. And the word “gayung” here is an equipment on bathroom (in this case in Indonesian conventional bathroom), it is usually used for taking the water from the tub, well I will share about Indonesian bathroom later. So the ‘gayung’ was the main property on this ‘joget’ competition J each team had their own performing concept as well with Harun’s team. Harun’s team consist of three members; Harun, Dina and Abi. They took lots of properties for their performance. They were the 6th team. Ah I almost forget, ‘XL’ here doesn’t mean ‘extra large’ NO, definitely NO, XL here is a mobile phone provider in Indonesia. XL is the company who presenting this competition. and ‘subang’ here means a place where I live, a city located in West Java Province named subang J
there were another supporter waiting on the spot, they were also Harun’s and Dina’s friends; Angga and Feby. Angga was the one who would take their photos and Feby would record their performance. Harun’s team named 101 Delta, he explained that 101 refers to the members physically, well he said that the first ‘1’ was representing Harun’s thin body, as well with the second ‘1’ but it represented Abi’s body and the ‘0’ was representing Dina’s-a little-bit-fat-body J and Delta refers to Delta Manga rental. Dina introduced me to the other two friends, they welcomed me, they were veeeryyy kind~~ :* as long as the time was running, we saw many teams had a great-amazing-amusing-performance we were very nervous especially 101 Delta :/ they worried about their performance :/ and when the time was finally coming, they came in to the stage bravely~ their performance was THE BEST PERFORMANCE AMONG OTHERS :D well yeah, in my opinion hahaha :D but I was very sure the judges had the same opinion with me hahaha xD 101 Delta showed very unique concept, they put many abstract ideas become one laughable performance xD imagine, Dina and Harun came to the stage wore bright-color-rain coat exactly when the music began ahahaha Dina wore yellow rain coat and Green rain coat for Harun, they were veeery cute :3 with love pattern in Dina’s check and XL pattern in Harun’s check ahaha xD then they put it off and voila, Dina wore towel as her skirt and green casual shirt plus showercap ! ohmy hahaha xD AND GUESS WHAT ! Harun and Abi dressing like a woman ! O MY GOD ! the audiences were laughing out loud !! hahaha xD PLUS Abi acted like he was a pregnant woman LOLS ! both of them were very cute :3 oh you cant believe it, you must see their make up oh my God, they were truly entertainer xD I cant believe that I was their make up artist hahaha xD AND THE JUDGES ! THEY WERE LAUGHING OUT LOUD xD as you see sir, they deserve to win :D
what makes me say that those event makes my Saturday night unforgettable because I support them by shouting out loud, yelling their team name, and show the banner of 101 Delta to the audiences, guess I was the craziest supporter there :P well perhaps hahaha xD yeah I was put my totality to become their supporter.
The winner announcement was the most makes –my-heart beat-overfast uuuugh yeah you know how it feels..we were worried !! all of us were praying God, God please… the first place..the first place… x)
And HELL YEAH… the first place came for 101 Delta :DD at the first, Abi didn’t dare to see the winner but I insisted him to see well the result made them over excited :D so did I . the competition run fast, it ended up at 4 and the XL company asked to have a lil conversation with 101 Delta related with their trip to Magelang, oh the first winner got Rp. 1000.000 and trip to Magelang for joining the final competition there. I wasn’t waiting for 101 Delta, I went home with my old friend Atu, she picked me home by motorcycle :D the event was EXTREMELY AMUSING EVENT OF THE WEEK and add another unforgettable moment story for my blog post :D so at the last, I didn’t come to Idan’s house because I was overtired, I apologized to him, fortunately he understood J
Thank you for 101 Delta, you give me a place, you welcome me well, and you made me feel how the useful-and-loveable-person likes. Love you guys :*
And OF COURSE thanks for you readers who always read my posts, love you :**

the pictures of XL GOYANG GAYUNG SUBANG 2011

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First, hello for everyone who visit my page, hello for you who participated PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011 and read my page, hello for bloggers, and hello for world J
To be honest, I write this post in bad condition, I caught by cold, influenza and headache, but you must be wonder why can I write in such condition haha well, I am willing to, so I write J
Several days ago, exactly at November 11th,2011 Friday morning PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011 was held. As information, PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011 or National Science Party 2011 is an event presented by Mathematics and Science Faculty of Bogor Botanical Institute. The event was about competition of many subjects which are included to Mathematics and Science Faculty study program. The competition held for senior high students. The winners of the competition are deserve to get trophy and other gifts. The participators of the event approximately 1500 students from all over Indonesia.
The prestigious event started at 07.00 am Indonesian time on Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Botanical Institute) in Bogor, West Java Province, Indonesia. SMAN 1 Subang (1 Subang Senior High, my school) sent several teams (19 students and a teacher) to participate PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011. Because of my school located in Subang which is need 4 hours to reach Bogor so we decided to off to Bogor a day before, we went by bus for destiny Subang-Jakarta. We went from Subang at 08.30 am and arrived in Kampung Rambutan station, East Jakarta at 12.30 pm. To reach Bogor from Subang we need to go to Jakarta first. Then we continued to go to Bogor by rent car. We arrived in IPB Darmaga (Bogor Botanical Institute located in Darmaga, Bogor) at 13.30 pm. First we visited FMIPA building (Mathematics and Science Faculty) of IPB to have a registration to join PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011. Next, some of us had a dzuhur prayer and some of us who weren’t having dzuhur prayer because of some reasons were waiting in FMIPA building near registration area. Then we had lunch in Berlin or Bara (place in IPB where collegian used to have their breakfast, lunch or even dinner. In Berlin or Bara available not only restaurants but also some clothing shop, accessories, computer shop, etc) after we had our lunch, we off to the shelter, the girls went to Wisma Islamic II by public car, the boys went to Wisnu’s place (Wisnu is our senior in SMAN 1 Subang who now attend IPB, he offers us his place to be our temporary shelter). We were welcomed by Laela and Arum when we arrived at Wisma Islamic II. Laela was the same as Wisnu. Laela was very kind and welcome, the same with Arum, she is kind and welcome too. Hours later Vivi came to the girls shelter, she graduated from SMAN 1 Ciasem, Subang and now live in Wisma Islamic II along with Arum and Laela, she goes to Physics department on FMIPA of IPB. Unfortunately, Arum couldn’t stay at Wisma Islamic II as long as we were stay there because she had some business to do.
LCTB, lomba cepat tepat biologi (Biology competition)
Ade Indah Muktamarianti (me)
Alda Wydia Prihartini Azar
Mutiara Kusuma Hapsari Raharjo
KF, kompetisi fisika (Physics competition)
Syahid Rohmatulloh
Nandhan Seftiyan
M. Egi
LJPS, lomba jajak pendapat statistika (Statistic competition)
Rizky Nurwan Dianto
CC, chemistry challenge
Luthfina Nabavy Gumilar
Taufik Novandi
PC, programming competiton
Nurani Istiqomah
Metrik, Meteoroloi interaktif (Meteorological competition)
Vera Lugina
Indra Riadi
M. Nur Akbar
Nana Firmansyah
LKIP, lomba karya ilmiah populer
Hilmi Tazkiyatunnur
Annisa Dwi Aviani
Dhimas Raka Aditya
Mister Heru
DAY ONE à what a tired night
November 10th, 2011 was our first night in Bogor. After took a bath, we studied in order to prepare ourselves to face the competition of PESTA SAINS 2011. Frankly speaking, we weren’t focus of studying that night, haha ya you know, girls in a room J lots of topic to talk haha at the last, we got almost nothing that night -____-“ (sorry… L )
So as the time was running, day one in Bogor was veeeeerrryy tired. A lot of unforgettable, horror, creepy, funny moments were happen but it will take so much space if I tell you the detail :D
Night before, we were planning to wake up at 03.00 am to prepare everything for the competition like took a bath, ironed our school uniform, prepare the stuff to bring, breakfast and so on. We had to share 2 bathrooms for 8 peoples, and we had to keep the time. BUT HOW PITTY WE WERE ! we woke up at 05.00 am -____-“ we were surprise so we prepared everything in hurry, the competition began at 07.00 ! \(O_O)/
We had our breakfast at 06.30 am Indonesian time. We ate our breakfast in hurry >_<” the car picked us up at 07.00 am. We arrived at the Graha Widya Wisuda building at 07.20 am. Lucky ! we didn’t late :D the committee of PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011 told us to queue in the line of each competition subject. Alda, Mutiara and I were get in the line of LCTB. We entered the building, the building was sooooo HUGE. It was crowded by people who wore different school uniform. AMAZING ! COOL ! I impressed. Alda, Mutiara and I had a seat near projector, next to stairs. A minute later the other students from SMAN 1 Subang had a seat next to us. So many students there, as many as the eyes could see. Suddenly, I got nervous, the number of students there made me think that i had so many rivals, it made me under pressure. God, they look sooo GENIOUS ._. with their glasses of 5cm thick, with their cool school uniform, with their books, with their way of speaking, holy crap who am i? but I was trying to be calm.
the opening of PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011 was extremely amazing ! there was percussion performance, Arum was one of them, she led the percussion team. They were very cool ! the next performance was the Minang Culture Performance. Minang Culture Performance perform traditional dance from Minang, Padang, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. You can see the performance of percussion team and Minang culture on my videos below :D
after the opening of PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011, it moved to the speech of rector and the leader of committee. After the speech, the committee told us that we were going to have lunch at 11.00 and at 11.15 for all boys who muslim were asked to follow the committee to go to mosque to have a Jum’at prayer. for others who didn’t have Jum’at prayer had their break until 12.30 pm. As long as the break time, Alda, Vera and I were wondering the building, visiting the stands. We visited the Biology stand, they showed us the colony of bacteria and many others. When we visited the Meteorological stand, they showed us many kind of meteorological technologies, equipment. One of the collegian who also the committee taught me about solar movement. The other collegian of meteorological also taught me about type of clouds. They were very kind J to be honest, I like the committee from meteorological program who taught me solar movement, he was my favorite hahaha (what the…)
we back to our seat at 13.00 pm to prepare for the competition. the seat was organized by the committee, in front of me was team from SMAN 1 Garut, one of them was my friend Adithia Gesar Hanafi, we were on the same 1st West Java RSMABI Jamboree. In front of Adith’s team was from SMAN 1 Bogor, one of them was also my friend, Annisa, we were on the same Pre National Science Olympiad Training of Bogor Botanical Institute 2008. I was excited, I met so many old friends there :DD I met Octavianus Marcel Haryono, he was from SMAN 1 Banjar, he joined Mathematics competition on PESTA SAINS NASIONAL 2011, he was joining 1st West Java RSMABI Jamboree. I met the other jamboree participants, they were Elizhabet Napitupulu from SMAN 3 Bogor, she was joining Meteorological competition. Elisabeth Medina Dwi Saraswati from SMAN 1 Bogor, she was joining Meteorological competition. Almas Shabrina from SMAN 2 Cibinong she was joining meteorological competition. I saw Ben Ben Leihitu, he was also the Jamboree participant but I didn’t greet him.
the competition began. It started with the qualification. The committee gave us work sheet, for LCTB the work sheet contained 100 questions. We had to answer on the answer sheet. The questions consist of different type of instructions. We were given 120 minutes to answer all the questions. If we answered correctly we were given 5 points, but if it was incorrect we were given -2. And it would be zero for each number if we leave it blank.
As the time was running the qualification came to an end. 15.30 pm the answer sheet was collected by the committee also with the work sheet. We were going back to the shelter. That day was the most EXHAUSTED day of the WEEK ! we were worry about the result tomorrow, whether we passed the qualification or not.
We went back to the shelter. I was wondering about the result, to be honest, our team wasn’t really good in preparation, but still we were hope to pass the qualification. I wasn’t sleep well that night because of too worry.
DAY THREE à sad moment :’( but WE’RE OKAY ! :DD
We went to Graha Widya Wisuda in the morning. It wasn’t only me who couldn’t sleep that night, my friends looked so tired, worry about the result too I thought. Arrived at Graha Widya Wisuda we had our seat and wait for the next event. around 10 am the committee announced the team who passed the qualification. And unfortunately, from SMAN 1 Subang only Dede and Rizky Nurwan who passed the qualification L
Well, I thanked to God that two of our friends were passed but frankly speaking, the other wanted to pass too, it will be a lie if we were ok, we weren’t ok that time, when we knew that we weren’t pass the qualification, imagine our feelings à despair.. L down L broken L depress L dying L
My friends were look so down, all of us who didn’t pass looked so terrible, many kind of thoughts passed in our mind that time.
Why did I have to fail? And many questions started with ‘why’
Well yeah we weren’t ok. Well yeah we were despair. Well yeah we were down. But finally, several minutes later, we realized that God must be had many ‘because’ for our ‘why’ J so we got up, tried to be positive, smile and tried to accept the final result. “well maybe I deserve this, I didn’t prepare well for this” I was thinking that way. Well it just exactly like Gaia’s theory, the feedback theory J if we do something positive, the feedback will be positive too, in opposite if we do something negative, the feedback will be negative too. Our preparation wasn’t good enough so the result of our effort wasn’t maximal. OUR LIFE WASN’T OVER \:D/
My bestfriend-since-7-grader Syahid Rohmatullah was the one who looked most terrible among us. I cheer him up, made him think positively, and thanks to God, he finally got up and smile again J
Next, the committee said we had our break ‘til 12.30 pm. The participants who didn’t pass the qualification would have motivation training with Setia Ahmad Furqon (motivator) after the break time and for them who passed the qualification would have to continue the competition in other place. Well I didn’t know how the competition was running, we weren’t allowed to see it. The motivation training was very awesome, the participants who didn’t pass the qualification seemed got their spirit again, they finally got up and didn’t look terrible anymore J thanks God and thanks to Mr.Setia J .
After the motivation training, there are some games and it was really fun J
There was a man who sang after the motivation training, he sang You Rise Me Up by Josh Groban, his voice was EXTREMELY AMAZING all of us were surprise, at the first time we thought the singer was a woman, but we were wrong, the singer was a man ! my God, his voice was really beautiful, just like a woman singing. We impressed.
The day almost over. It was the time for us to go home to Subang.
But before, we have to back to shelter to take our stuffs. We had our dinner in Bara, we met the other SMAN 1 Subang’s graduated student in Bara, they were Windi and Asep. We were glad to meet them, we had a talk. Then we ate meatballs. Oh I almost forgot, Vera, Akbar, Mutiara and I got ombrometer, a gift from meteorological collegian. Thank you J
After thanked to Wisnu, Laila and Vivi, we went to Subang by travel. We were very tired so all of us were sleeping from Bogor to Subang. It was late already when I arrived at home, around 11.30 pm.
here are some pictures of PESTA SAINS 2011

So that’s all my experience of great PESTA SAINS 2011
It was unforgettable moment :’) thanks all…..
Thank you for visiting my page, and thanks to read J don’t forget to leave some comments :*
Proudly I say: I am proud to be one of Pesta Sains 2011 participants :DD

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halooo halooo udah lama banget ya ga posting hehhe maaf maaf >< (walaupun ga ada yang nungguin dan ga ada yang baca sih -_____- )
postingan kali ini mau 'pamer' karya terbaru gue :DD yah walaupun hasilnya ga seberapa, seperti biasa gue cuma mau mengabadikan karya2 gue dan mengarsipkannya dalam blog gue *halah*
jangan protes ya kalo jelek banget, emang ga jago soalnya hehe...

kritik dan saran are welcome :))

berikut sketsa manga dengan model Zsabrina Marchsya Ayunda, dia temen kelas gue :) baiiiiik deh orangnya, nah sketsa ini gue gambar buat kado ultahnya pas tanggal 7 maret 2011, emang sih terlalu jelek buat sebuah kado ultah ;____;
apalagi keliatan asal banget ya? T_____T di kertas loose leaf gitu hiks, ini gue bikin pas lagi ngegalau sambil insom tengah malem. walaupun ga mirip gue harap gambar ni merupakan kado yang 'beda' buat ablin (zsabrina) di ultahnya tahun ini :) makasih banyak atas semuanya ablin^^

gambar yang dibawah ini modelnya Octavianus Marcel Haryono gue biasa manggil dia acel atau CINA,temen gue yang umurnya lebih muda setahun,dia orang banjar (entah gue gatau dimana) kita kenal lewat acara jambore RSMABI se provinsi jawa barat. sekarang dia sedang dalam masa frustasi menghadapi pelajaran ips yang sangat dia gasuka bahahahha. ini gambar juga gue buat pas gue lagi galau sambil insom tengah malem, bagus kan galau gue produktif :P

well,dia cina mangkanya gue bikin sketsa dia lagi ketawa sampe matanya segaris -____-
dia anaknya baik, supel dan kadang aneh sendiri,kalo udah geje dia suka ngebacot gajelas,sejauh yang gue perhatiin dia kadang suka berubah jadi anak utan yang suka tereak2 gajelas model "WOOOGH" atau "HUWOOOOO" dan sejenisnya

nah yang satu ini sketsa manga dengan model Ashry Rizky Rabani,sama kaya gue kenal dengan si cina,gue kenal ashry juga lewat jambore RSMABI tanggal 28 feb-2 mar 2011. ashry biasa gue panggil asyong,soalnya gue susah buat nulis ashry--->a-s-h-r-y menurut gue itu ribet jadi gue permudah jadi asyong bahahahahahha. asyong tinggal di garut mangkanya dia cantik banget loooh banget bangeeeet ngeeet, pertama liat dia di jambore gue udah yakin dia mojang eh ternyata bener aja dia mojang bahahahaha~ asyong tuh baik bangeeeet,care bangeeet sama temen2, ah pokonya miss universe banget lah (y)

gue ngegambar semua gambar diatas plus satu gambar dibawah ini dalam satu malem, nah yang dibawah ini gambar pertama yang gue buat malem itu, liat deh cacat banget lah pokonya ;____;
semuanya juga cacat sih, ga ada yang bagus hiks maaf ya T____T
dibawah ini gambar dengan model si cina,asyong dan gue :)
temen jambore yang paling sering gue jadiin tempat curhat ya mereka berdua hahahahaha mereka sampe tidur malem buat ngeladenin curhatan gue bahahahahahaha seneng deh pokonya temenan sama mereka love you :**

well setelah ini ada beberapa karya labil gue yang mau gue posting lagi, so lanjut baca ke posting berikutnya ya :)
oya jangan lupa komen disini, kritik saran boleeee~
makasih banyaaaak :DD

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- labil stadium awal.
labil semacam ini masih dapat dengan mudah ditangani dan disembuhkan, dengan rehabilitasi rutin dan asupan makanan yang bergizi,bakso akan sangat membantu menstabilkan gejolak dalam dada si pengidap penyakit. berikut ciri-ciri wajah pengidap penyakit labil stadium awal

pengidap penyakit labil stadium awal masih dapat membaca.

-labil stadium lanjutan
labil berikut merupakan efek lanjutan dari labil stadium awal yang tak segera diobati,jelas mengobatinya tak semudah mengobati penyakit labil stadium awal..labil berikut ini cirinya jika dihadapkan pada kamera atau terlalu lama dipandang orang lain ia akan bergerak atau berpose seperti monyet girang. berikut wajah pengidap labil stadium lanjutan:

-labil stadium watir
labil stadium watir ini sudah hampir kehilangan kesadaran,sekitar 60%. maka sangat diwanti-wanti bila bertemu orang semacam ini jangan didekatnya kurang dari 1 meter atau anda akan mengalami *piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip* (disensor karena terlalu sadis)

lihatlah wajah seorang anak laki-laki dibelakang penderita labil stadium watir ini, terlihat wajahnya sangat kesakitan entah apa yang sedang ia alami,itu semua karena dia berdekatan dengan si pengidap penyakit labil stadium watir dengan jarak kurang dari 1 meter !!!

-labil kronis
labil ini levelnya sudah sangat tinggi namun bukan yang tertinggi...masih ada satu level labil yang paling mengerikan setelah labil tahap ini ._.
labil kronis sudah tidak bisa disembuhkan,kalaupun ada kemungkinan sembuhpun pastilah tipis dan sangat beresiko ._. satu2nya hal yang bisa anda lakukan apabila orang yang anda kenal mengidap penyakit ini hanyalah berdoa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa agar ia kembali menjadi manusia yang stabil ._.
labil berikut ini gejalanya bisa dibilang mengerikan... cirinya bibir mulai manyun, dan tubuhnya mulai bergerak-gerak aneh dan semakin menjadi-jadi...*astaga*

-labil stadium mengenaskan
selain tak bisa disembuhkan, si pengidap penyakit dapat menularkan virusnya hanya dengan memamerkan giginya!! apabila seseorang melihat giginya...inalillahi ia akan mengidap penyakit yang

dan konon katanya, si pengidap penyakit labil stadium mengenaskan dapat membuat orang lain mengalami HIDROSEFALUS apabila bersentuhan dengannya.. 

seperti yang sudah saya posting sebelumnya, penyakit labil ini merupakan penyakit yang PATUT DIWASPADAI... disebabkan oleh virus LACTOLABILUS GALAUCUS, pencegahannya jangan biarkan orang yang anda sayang maupun diri anda sendiri berdekatan apalagi berlama2 bersama orang yang jelas2 sudah terjangkit penyakit labil karena efeknya akan sangat MENGERIKAN !!! uooo~
apabila anda tidak sengaja bersentuhan dengan pengidap penyakit labil segeralah cuci tangan menggunakan tanah 7 kali. virus dapat menular melalui udara jadi jika anda berada di dekat si pengidap penyakit jangan tahan napas anda selama 30 menit lebih atau anda akan matiiii !!!! uoooh mengerikaaan !!!

semoga para pengidap penyakit labil ini mendapat tuntunan dan pencerahan oleh Tuhan Yang Maha Esa ._.

Jumat, 11 Februari 2011


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di postingan sebelumnya gue udah memperkenalkan beberapa anak labil dari Luxifor (disingkat LF yang bisa juga diartikan sebagai LABIL FOREVER atau LABIL FEVER huahahahaha)
nah satu lagi nih gue mau memperkenalkan suatu hal mengenai LF, tapi kali ini berkaitan dengan aktifitasnya xDD

belum lama ini anak kelas 11 ditugasin kriya, kriyanya tuh bikin notebook (buku catetan ya bukan notebook kaya acer atau semacamnya ahahha) nah kita semua harus beli kertas yang udah ada background lambang sman 1 subang nya seharga 15000 sebanyak 100 buah termasuk lidah-lidahnya (lah gue kaya mau dagang hahaha xD )

nah berikut situasi pemungutan uangnya buahahah oleh rentenir yang terkenal sangaaaaat kejaaam sangaaaat kejam sangat sangat (gue baru inget gue belom bayar uang kas, mampus)

lihat kan, sang rentenir terlihat sangat bahagia mendapat uang hasil palakannya.. ._.v

terlihat jelas wajah sang rentenir, identitas dirahasiakan, lihatlah betapa lihai tangannya memegang uang laknat(?) itu

ketika ia mencatat semua rampasannya ._.


doumo arigatou~ nantikan edisi labil luxifor selanjutnya ._.v


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this posting about my creation xD
well it's not a good creation actually but yeah i just wanna share with the visitors :D
will be very glad if you wanna leave some comments to this posting :3

this one still sketch :)

these three were made about a year ago hahaha :3

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011


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inilah salah satu contoh murid SMAN 1 Subang yang taat agama beriman dan bertaqwa, cerminan santri yang baik, ia adalah siswa 11 alam 4 berinisial ZMA (nama disamarkan untuk menghindari ledakan fans yang meminta tanda tangan) sungguh LABIL anak ini, lihatlah wajah LABILnya yang sarat dengan asma ALLAH

dapat dilihat oleh pembaca bahwa foto ini diambil di kelas 11 alam 4 tepatnya LUXIFOR yang setiap harinya dipenuhi dipadati diberisiki oleh anak2 LABIL dan HOMO, berikut foto beberapa anggota LUXIFOR yang bersedia difoto. sungguh naas nasib mereka harus menerima segala keLABILAN yang datang silih berganti ke LUXIFOR

berikut salah seorang diantara para LABILS berinisial TAMA FEBRIANA KRISTIANI PANJAITAN (nama *sengaja tidak* disamarkan)

berikut foto lain dari SANTRI LABIL

foto ini tidak layak lihat oleh orang yang masih waras

sebelum membaca lebih lanjut posting berikutnya harap mengucap nama TUHAN YME sebanyak 3x agar terhindar dari resiko terjangkit virus LACTOLABILUS GALAUCUS dari salah satu famili LABILACAE.

Senin, 07 Februari 2011


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HOLAAAAA LAGIIII~ well gue udah janji ke kalian bakal posting performnya ryuu pas jadi inuyasha, ini dia videonya: enjoy!

nah soal video shinkanzen-pon ternyata ga ada di gueeeee hahahahaha paraaaah~ ntar gue minta dulu yaa sama temen gue yang megang videonya ;))

terus berikut video2 cosplayer lain nih ;)
sori banget video amatir dan mungkin akan membuat leher kalian sakit hihihi~

yang ini videonya cosplayer lain...sori gatau namanya siapa ga sempet nanyain namanya hahaha padahal sempet berfoto loh ^^

kalo yang ini pas performnya black neko,kostumnya kayanya kategori original deh :) nice (y)

nah terus kalo yang ini performnya temen gue yang sesama B2UTY haahaha namanya ren, dia disini jadi zero kiryuu yang di vampire knight tau kan? eh tapi dia malah joget2 soom-B2ST hahahaha dasar ren! ;)
tapi keren loh dia fufu

the last! perform band atas nama THE ORANGE sumpah mereka keren banget kostumnya juga simple tapi ngena, LIKE THEM !!! itu mereka pake apasih namanya jinbe?? eh taudeh...mereka bawain lagu2nya larc n ciel~ terus ada soundtracknya samurai x juga hahahahahhay girang gue xD

kaget juga loh tau namanya THE ORANGE secara kan ya nama grup parapara gue tuh ORENJI tipiss lah bedanya hahahaha xD

pokonya seneng banget de!
okay, di next post gue mau masukin foto2 bunkasai lainnya,well tunggu aja..sekarang kayanya segini dulu. udah malem soalnya ehehehe~
ja ne~


Diposting oleh adeindah di 04.09 2 komentar
siapa kangen gue? (ga ada!)
hahahaha well,postingan kali ini tentang bunkasai yaaa~ karena belom lama ini tepatnya tanggal 5-6 februari 2011 gue PERTAMA KALI ngerasain nikmat dan indahnya event bernama BUNKASAI uooooh~ ayo bikin nasi meraaaaah~ (?)

sumpah seru dan rame banget ya yang namanya bunkasai oh mamaaaaa~ akhirnya aku merasakan bunkasai *tangis bahagia*
banyak orang mungkin yang ngerasa gue lebay pas di bunkasai dan gue tau ada cewe yang pake softlense ungu ngelirik sinis ke gue gara2 tingkah gue di bunkasai yang rada 'heboh' (bukan rada kali ya) tapi ITU HAK PRIBADI GUE DONG DOG~
yeaaah atau mungkin dia sirik kali ya ke gue (jiss) hahahaha~

gue banyak foto2 sama anak2 yang ikutan cosplay hihi~ ada yang cosplay monkey D lufi, inuyasha, kikyo (tapi gue ga foto sama kikyo nih hiks :'( )
well check these out!
yang ini waktu foto bareng ryuu pas jadi white inuyasha:

yang ini waktu foto sama black inuyasha :)

ini foto bareng sama dua member shinkanzen-pon pas jadi karakter di one piece, yang jadi monkey D lufi nya candra gustiawan :))

foto bareng candra pas jadi lufi :>

hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA KEREN KAAAAN pasti pada ngiri deh hihi~ (apa banget)
sumpah gue seneng banget deh foto sama mereka :)) tapi tamang gue di semua foto itu sumpah ALAY BANGET -,- sedih gasihhh~ hh

ada juga foto2 memalukan pas di bunkasai taugasih kita tuh kaya orang bego semua lagaknya (yang dari sman 1 subang) nih liat aja foto2 ini:

ini haris ciswoyo anak yang ikutan kana kontesuto dari sman 1 subang :)
DIA JADI KAPPA ! huahahahahah

ini wildan ahmad furqon yang ikut chara illustration bareng gue dia juga jadi KAPPA ! HAHAHAHAHA

(dari kiri-kanan) widi yg ikutan shuji,devi juga shuji,terus veronica yg ikutan para-para hahahaha NGAKAK

(dari kiri-kanan) veronica, gue, devi

(dari kiri-kanan) devi,veronica, gue

HAHAHAHAHA gimana? sumpah najjiissss najiisss menjijikan banget kan xD
well begitulah kita, dan taugasih yang pertama nyobain papan berfoto itu kita loh di arena bunkasai huahahah~ malumaluin banget hahahaha

well ini daftar lomba yang kita ikutin pas bunkasai tanggal 5 feb nya:
perwakilan SMAN 1 SUBANG

chara illustration: ade indah muktamarianti dan wildan ahmad furqon
kana kontesuto: haris ciswoyo
shuji: devi desmarina dan nurul widiawati retno setiawan
para-para: ade indah muktamarianti,devi desmarina,nurul widiawati retnosetiawan,veronica cristiani

ih masa ya si woyos (haris ciswoyo yang ikutan kana) bilangnya soalnya gampang2 banget ngerjainnya juga lancar2 ajah, "sumpah soalnya gampang gampang banget..." yakin banget dia ngomong begitu -,- tapi terus lanjutannya ga enak "tapi karna gampang jadi ga yain bene atau engga,bisa menang atau engga" PARAAAAH!

terus waktu chara illustration, gembel! gue ngalay banget, biasanya gue ngegambar item putin nah ini gue nyoba2 pake pensil warna sama spidol coba ngesok banget kan gue! ancur pula hasilnya ck
si wildan gue gatau deh tuh hasil gambarannya kaya gimana hehe~


tadi diatas udah disebut2 kan yang namanya shinkanzen-pon dan ryuu,terus candra :)
nah jadi gini ceritanya si vero (veronica) ga sengaja liat kuping kucing warna pink dengan rambut putih pas dia lagi ngemil di stand,dia langsung ngefans sama cosplayer itu yang tak lain adalah ryuu ahahha dan pas gue liat gue juga ngefans sih..lucu banget dia sumpah pengen nyubit hhahaha~ apalagi pas liat performnya sumpah mantap! gue ga lebay bener deh nanti gue posting ya videonya lo pada liat sendiri~ hehehehe

terus shinkanzen-pon tuh nama cosplay group mereka :) aksinya sumpah ngocak,ntar gue upload videonya di next post ya~

hmmmm terus apa lagi yaaaa..oh ya ntar deh gue posting lagi mengenai peserta cosplay yang lainnya :DD di next post ya jangan lupa cek! ;)
ja ne~


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